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May, 12 2021

SteraMist Material Compatibility

Testing Material Compatibility with SteraMist BIT

Are you worried about chemicals corroding your facility? SteraMist’s one of many advantages is its low 7.8% hydrogen peroxide solution along with ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology providing noncorrosive disinfection. SteraMist can be used for daily disinfection without harming sensitive electronics, fabrics, metals, or your facility.

SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology kills the hardest of pathogens within seconds, resulting in powerful efficacy, reduced treatment time, and non-corrosive disinfection. As an EPA-registered disinfectant, SteraMist is subjected to many material compatibility tests to ensure that your facility is treated as effectively as possible. SteraMist contains no dyes, fragrances, chlorine, ammonium, bleach, or silver ions.

Materials Tested for Compatibility

Fabrics Material Compatibility

During a 10-day study, common fabrics found in healthcare environments were immersed in standing liquid BIT Solution consisting of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide per inactivated gallon. TOMI protocol is to spray through a cold plasma arc for seconds or minutes, not for 10 days. Results: After 10 days, the results indicated insignificant changes to mass, color, and texture over the duration of the test.

Metal Material Compatibility

Another similar 10-day study submerged 33 different metals and 6 non-metals commonly used in aerospace industries. Each sample was pulled at 24-hour intervals for observation before being returned to the solution. TOMI protocol is to spray through a cold plasma arc for seconds or minutes, not for 10 days. Results: Brass, nickel, copper, and stainless steel indicated a negligible change in mass at the end of the test, with some having as little as a 0.1% reduction in weight.

Cleanroom Material Compatibility

A final test simulated a cleanroom containing PVC, doorknobs, light switches, and hanging material samples. The area was subjected to 160 hours and 1000 cycles of injection – an amount far in excess of the scope of recommended SteraMist treatment intervals. TOMI protocol is to spray through a cold plasma arc for seconds or minutes, not for 10 days. Results: after uninterrupted intervals of 100 cycles, results consistently indicated negligible, primarily visual damage such as the development of white powdery film. The standard cycle for the room consisted of a 3-minute injection phase, a 5-minute dwell phase, and a 5-minute aeration phase.

In summary, SteraMist disinfection and disinfection is a perfect approach to decontamination in a wide variety of environments with minimal to no effects on surfaces. With a 7.8% hydrogen peroxide BIT Solution that is converted to a fine mist through cold plasma technology, SteraMist is able to produce superior material compatibility. As mentioned, SteraMist has a recommended application time of five seconds per square foot – well under 10 days of full submersion that is used throughout these studies. SteraMist is your trusted disinfection solution.