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BIT Solution sets a new bar for the elimination of microorganisms, providing peace of mind with its EPA-registered solutions.

  • Low percentage hydrogen peroxide solution
  • No-wipe, no-rinse application and leaves no residue
  • Non-corrosive with superior material compatibility
  • Non-hazardous to personnel, requiring minimal PPE

Upgrade your cleaning protocols and safeguard your environment with our advanced solution, crafted for excellence. SteraMist BIT Solution and iHP: the premier technology in defense against a broad spectrum of protection against microorganisms. EPA Registration No. 90150-2 & EPA Registration No. 90150-3

Inquire About BIT Solution

The efficacy of SteraMist is not dependent on hydrogen peroxide; instead, it relies on the science behind iHP technology, ensuring consistent and repeatable results. SteraMist holds the distinction of being the first technology and solution combination registered with the EPA. Additionally, SteraMist BIT significantly reduces treatment time.

With its EPA-registered disinfectant SteraMist offers two options for BIT Solution: Hospital-Healthcare Disinfectant 7.8% BIT Solution and an agriculture solution 0.35% BIT Solution.

BIT solution combined with the power of the cold plasma arc creates ionized hydrogen peroxide. The cold plasma arc breaks the bonds of hydrogen peroxide, the sole active ingredient in BIT, targeting and eliminating harmful microorganisms. Learn more about the science behind BIT and iHP technology here ➔

Healthcare EPA-Registered Disinfectant Solution: 7.8% BIT Solution

This 7.8% hydrogen peroxide hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectant combats microorganisms, delivering repeatable six-log efficacy. With no wiping, rinsing, or residues left behind, BIT Solution is ready-to-use and eco-friendly. BIT solution eliminates microorganisms while preserving the integrity of your facility. This broad spectrum decon cleaner and system combination acts quickly, backed by EPA registration, adherence to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and studies supported by third-party research validating its effectiveness.


EPA Registered Solution – Hospital Healthcare Disinfectant

Low percentage (7.8%) hydrogen peroxide

No wiping, No rinsing, No residue

Broad spectrum solution

Non-corrosive to protect surface integrity

Kills microorganisms in seconds

Simple Yet Revolutionary BIT Solution is a no-wipe, no-rinse application. It leaves no residue, changing the game for healthcare professionals, infection control specialists, and facility managers. Embrace the hassle-free revolution—where ease meets effectiveness.

Safety and Surface Integrity: A Balanced Approach: Why settle for harsh chemicals that compromise the integrity of your facility’s surfaces? BIT Solution is non-corrosive, safeguarding your investment in quality surfaces while ensuring a germ-free environment.

Broad-Spectrum for Comprehensive Protection: The fight against microorganisms demands a broad-spectrum approach. BIT Solution’s versatile formulation is designed to overcome diverse microbial challenges, providing a broad spectrum of protection across your facility.

Agricultural Use Solution: 0.35% BIT Solution

This EPA-registered 0.35% BIT solution is a quick and easy way to control foliar disease and help reduce cross-contamination. Spray directly on plants. The treatment can be applied up to and including the day of harvest. 0.35% BIT and ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is scalable for multiple zones, rooms, bays, suites, greenhouses, hothouses, and areas. Embrace the freedom to fight plant pathogens with this ultra-low hydrogen peroxide solution.


0.35% sole active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide

Use for the control and suppression of plant disease

Starts to work immediately on any plant surface for control of plant disease

Mobile rapid deployment through a facility

Use to prevent and control bacterial and fungal development on plants

Easy, effective, no wiping or rinsing required


Why BIT Solution?

EPA Registered, Battle-Tested Efficacy
BIT Solution, an EPA-registered decon cleaner, is scientifically formulated to meet stringent disinfection standards. With its comprehensive effectiveness against a wide range of microorganisms, BIT solution along with SteraMist iHP technology is used throughout cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets, chambers, operating rooms, and more.

Innovation in Application
With BIT Solution, you can forget about the hassle of mixing, wiping, and waiting. This no-wipe, no-rinse formula simplifies the sanitization process, without leaving any lingering residue.

Superior Material Compatibility
The equipment you use is crucial to your operation. With BIT Solution’s non-corrosive properties, you can rest assured that it effectively combats bacterial spores, gram-negative bacteria, multiple drug-resistant organisms (MDROs), viruses, and mold, while remaining gentle on even the most delicate surfaces.

Fast-Acting for Rapid Turnover
Infection control professionals are in a constant race against time. BIT Solution kills microorganisms within seconds, ensuring a rapid turnover and minimal downtime for your facilities.

Scientifically Formulated


In a sector where efficacy and safety are paramount, the patented BIT Solution and SteraMist product line offer consistent, efficient, and rapid disinfection with iHP technology. By choosing a solution that reflects your commitment to excellence and the well-being of those you serve, you are setting a standard.

For safety-focused, efficiency-driven critical environments, BIT Solution is more than just a choice – it’s the industry standard.

Join the Disinfection Revolution

Isn’t it time your facility embraced a solution that is at the forefront of disinfection technology? With BIT Solution, experience the synergy of science and security.

Embark on a journey towards a healthier environment. Our experts are eager to demonstrate how BIT Solution and iHP technology can be the turning point in your facility’s contamination control strategy.