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Disinfectant Use in Healthcare For Current & Emerging Disease

In the dynamic global industry, healthcare is at the forefront of groundbreaking equipment, contamination risks, demanding operations, and mounting pressure to keep up with evolving infection prevention standards. The increase in demand for labor has put stress on healthcare services. Strict standards must continue to be maintained despite staffing challenges at healthcare facilities.

Emerging diseases, healthcare-associated infections, and mold pose a burden to many healthcare service facilities causing monetary and ranking score issues. Using an EPA disinfection system to implement an infection prevention plan is paramount.

EPA #90150 | Health Canada DIN #02469448 | EN 17272

EPA Disinfectant Designed to Protect Against Contamination

SteraMist iHP technology, an EPA disinfection, provides an easy solution to the complicated and changing landscape of contamination control and infection prevention. Patients and healthcare service personnel encounter a variety of infectious and emerging diseases that easily spread throughout a facility, including hard-to-clean contaminated equipment and multiple high-touch surfaces.

SteraMist’s powerful iHP technology is an EPA-registered solution and equipment combination (EPA # 90150-2). iHP technology is listed against a wide array of common and uncommon microscopic threats, such as Norovirus, MRSA, C. difficile, C. auris, Ebola, avian flu, SARS-CoV-2, and emerging and viral pathogens.

Infection Prevention Throughout All Healthcare Services

SteraMist is a hospital-grade, broad-spectrum disinfection with endless use sites useful for a variety of healthcare services.

Critical Care and Service Areas

The need to provide quick infection prevention is critical in ICUs, critical care units, burn units, and NICUs. SteraMist provides quick and gentle hospital-grade disinfection ensuring patients in critical condition, along with personnel, a sterile space free of harsh fumes and dangerous quats.

Operating and Surgical Centers

Specialized sensitive equipment encompassing most of the space in ORs, outpatient, and ambulatory surgical centers needs to be safeguarded from diseases along with corrosive chemicals. SteraMist contains low percentage hydrogen peroxide, broad-spectrum disinfection, and small microns. SteraMist provides full coverage disinfection on surfaces of large medical devices while also maintaining the integrity of machines.

Nursing Homes & Veterinary Facilities

Outbreaks occur in a variety of healthcare services from C. difficile and C. auris prominent in assisted living and nursing homes to Parvovirus in veterinary facilities. SteraMist EPA disinfection is a broad-spectrum solution providing infection prevention and peace of mind.

SteraMist Disinfection In Healthcare Settings


  • Hospitals
  • Operating Rooms and Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Medical Clinics, Surgical Rehab, and Senior Centers

SteraPak, Surface Unit, Transport, NV+

Because [SteraMist] only requires seconds to kill bacteria spores…. We can place a room back into service faster, knowing it’s safe for the next patient.

Bayhealth EVS Team
Featured Case Study

St. Francis Hospital

Over the years, Saint Francis has been one of the top hospitals in keeping their Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) rates down. With the use of SteraMist disinfection throughout their hospital, Saint Francis is able to keep C. difficle, MRSA, and central line-associated bloodstream infections at a minimum. They have incorporated SteraMist into their disinfection protocol because of its unique ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on surfaces and in the air.

10 Mins To Disinfect An Entire Room

SteraMist is a critical asset for any facility with a focus on infection control. We’re committed to bringing premium disinfection to facilities and budgets of all sizes, providing a tool that offers maximum impact with minimal hassle.

We evaluate
your disinfection needs

We recommend customized
protocols, conduct staff
training and competencies
through a certified support
and training package

We recommend cost-effective
SteraMist products & services
to help facilities with budgets
of all sizes

ihp technology

Corporate service

Whether routinely decontaminating your facility or addressing emergency decontamination needs, the iHP Corporate Disinfection TOMI Service Network team can be called upon to deliver a six-log reduction with efficiency and an EPA registered solution and technology.


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