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NV+ All-In-One Disinfection Fog

Introducing the NV+, a cutting-edge disinfection system designed to revolutionize your approach to full room fogging. As the demand for effective and efficient room decontamination solutions grows, the NV+ stands out by utilizing ionized hydrogen peroxide fogging technology. Just set it in the middle of your room, enter the dimensions, and begin.

  • Full room decontamination
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Meets strict GxP standards
  • Easy to use and requires minimum effort

Easily implement complete decontamination into your daily routine with the NV+ system.

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Automate Your Room Disinfection & Decontamination

Crafted from premium materials, the NV+ features innovative iHP technology that delivers exceptional decontamination results through its disinfection fog. Equipped with a rotating applicator and production of small microns, it ensures comprehensive coverage of all areas. This method not only ensures thorough disinfection but also dramatically reduces the time and effort required for decontaminating spaces.

Rotating applicator ensures full coverage

Comply with GxP and healthcare standards

LED status indicator and other safety features

Superior material compatibility

User-friendly with comprehensive reporting

Decontaminates rooms of any size

Quick Full Room Decontamination

User-Friendly Design: The NV+ is designed with convenience in mind. Simple, low-maintenance operation makes it easy to operate with minimal training. This makes it an ideal choice for various environments needing regular disinfection, such as healthcare facilities, schools, corporate offices, and residential spaces.

Rapid Decontamination: The design and technology of the NV+ enable fast and efficient room decontamination, essential for high-traffic areas and critical environments where spaces must be quickly reused without long downtimes. This feature is particularly beneficial in healthcare and lab settings where preventing infection spread is crucial and operational efficiency is key.

Adjustable Settings: The NV+ is equipped with adjustable settings that allow users to customize the volume and dispersal rate of the disinfectant according to the specific needs of the space being treated. This flexibility ensures optimal disinfection usage, reducing waste while maximizing coverage and effectiveness for different room sizes and types.

Rotating Applicator: The NV+ is equipped with a rotating applicator that allows for even distribution of disinfectant across all surfaces to reach every space, This feature is crucial for ensuring that no area is left untouched while maximizing the effectiveness of the room disinfection process.

Ensure Compliance with GxP and Healthcare Standards: Full room decontamination to implement into your contamination control strategy and SOP. Detailed reporting guarantees that an effective contamination control strategy is rigorously maintained. This approach not only meets regulatory requirements but also reinforces the commitment to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Fogging Automation for Every Space

This state-of-the-art hydrogen peroxide fogging machine disperses a fine mist penetrating even the hardest-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage and superior disinfection. The NV+’s user-friendly design allows for easy operation with a push of a button and minimal maintenance. From routine disinfection to emergency outbreak prevention, the NV+ is your reliable partner in maintaining a sterile environment. Whether tackling daily disinfection needs or addressing specific challenges, the NV+ ensures your spaces are not only clean but truly decontaminated.

NV+ System Specifications

Application Method: Direct Power, Remote

Applicator: One non-removable rotating applicator

Display & Reporting: HMI 7″ Siemens with USB/PDF export

Dimensions: Approx. 57 x 37 x 24″ Fully extends to 120″ tall

Experience Unparalleled Support and Innovation with Our Comprehensive Package

Our dedicated team stands ready to help you with our innovative technology. Our comprehensive support package includes 24/7 technical support and SteraMist application assistance. You’ll also benefit from ongoing protocol consultations, dedicated customer experience representatives, and a one-year warranty with an option to extend.

  • 24/7 Technical Support (maintenance, troubleshooting)
  • 24/7 SteraMist Application Support (protocols, proper usage)
  • Ongoing protocol consultations with a SteraMist Technician
  • Ongoing communication with Customer Experience Representative
  • One-year warranty with an option to extend