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Through Innovative Technology

SteraMist is a global line of powerful disinfection & decontamination products and services that utilizes patented ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology.

Our scientific expertise, innovation, and dedication to creating a safer world through cutting-edge iHP technology allows SteraMist to serve our customers and industries with trusted products leading to a smarter way to decontaminate and control infectious disease.



Committed to


As industry trailblazers, SteraMist is the first EPA-registered technology combination and proudly maintains a long history of disaster and outbreak response worldwide. With roots as a natural process and a highly researched DAPRA creation, SteraMist continues its mission of innovation to help protect the planet and those within it.


Dedicated to

Our Customers
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The potential behind SteraMist is endless, and we actively want our customers to experience everything it has to offer. With every unit purchased, we also provide extensive customer support and operational assistance to make sure you receive the value you deserve.



Quality Results

In a sea of disinfection options, SteraMist remains focused on being the industry leader in disinfection and decontamination technology. Offering uncompromising quality and consistency with every single application, no matter the size. We invite you to see how SteraMist can enhance your operations and quality of life.



Maximum Potential

Created to fight anthrax outbreaks and now trusted to disinfect the smallest of spaces, SteraMist iHP technology is a revolutionary innovation with endless potential in everything from efficacy to application. As we grow and work with our customers, SteraMist will continue to find support in new industries to become a top-of-the-line global standard in microorganism defense.

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Our History


Numerous life sciences corporations worldwide have adopted SteraMist as the universal standard. The demand for automated, Custom Engineered Systems has increased due to referrals, brand awareness, and global partnerships. 


Milestones Emerge

SteraMist was at the forefront of the pandemic with an EPA Emerging Viral Pathogens claim and adopted the SteraPak, backpack sprayer.


Expanded Product Line

iHP Plasma Decontamination Chamber was designed and implemented, the SteraMist Total Disinfection Cart was brought to market.


TOMI Continues to Expand

TOMI expanded their Headquarters, with a new office containing offices, training room, quality control room, and qualification laboratory in Frederick, MD and installed TOMI’s largest TOMI Custom Engineered System at Pfizer Missouri.


Focus on Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

TOMI was awarded rights to the iHP registered trademark, BIT label approved to be distributed through its SteraMist product line in Canada, additional trademark registrations were accepted in multiple countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, and applications of multiple utility and design patents were published. The EPA label further expanded to include Norovirus and Salmonella. Divisions of TOMI emerged: Hospital-Healthcare, Life Sciences, TOMI Service Network, and Food Safety.


First Custom System Implementation

TOMI expanded its EPA registration, amending to add C. diff spores, allowing access to large U.S. healthcare markets. Engineered and installed the very first Custom Engineered System (CES) at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard and England-based ITH Pharma.



The EPA registered SteraMist as the first equipment and solution combination for Hospital-Healthcare disinfection and general, multiple-use disinfection (EPA Reg. #90150-2). Registered with the U.S. FDA as a disinfectant medical device (Reg. #3012117386).


Prototype Development

TOMI evaluates the various purchased prototypes and commercializes the manufacturing of its BIT platform products for rapid deployment throughout a variety of global spaces and verticals. The TSN is launched.


Purchasing the BIT Platform and All BIT Assets

TOMI purchased all assets of the BIT platform from L-3 Technologies (formerly known as L-3 Communications Holdings).

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Our International

Global Reach

TOMI is the sole source provider around the world. TOMI partners internationally with other companies who may provide a SteraMist iHP Decontamination Service, sell the SteraMist branded product line, or provide a maintenance qualification service for international customers. Partners range from countries in Canada, Asia, South America, and Europe.