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SteraMist Disinfection Products

One Technology,
Endless Applications

Utilizing the innovative, easy-to-use power of ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology, each product gives you versatile disinfection and decontamination that uses a sole active ingredient of only 7.8% hydrogen peroxide. Find your SteraMist application. EPA Reg #90150-2

The SteraPak

Disinfection that’s cordless and compact

Designed for maximum maneuverability

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The Transport

All-In-One integrated vehicle disinfection

1000 cubic feet disinfected in less than 20 minutes

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The Surface Unit

Quickly spray surfaces for 5 seconds per square foot

Used for high touch surface disinfection

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BIT Solution

Patented, EPA Registered broad spectrum solution

Low percentage (7.8%) Hydrogen Peroxide – Sole active ingredient

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The Environment System

Unparalleled speed and can simultaneously treat spaces of different sizes

cGMP compliant for full room air and surface decontamination

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Custom Engineered System

Designed to integrate with your building management system

cGMP compliant for full area decontamination

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TOMI Service Network

The TOMI Service Network (TSN) is a network of professionals exclusively licensed and certified to use EPA-registered SteraMist technology and products.

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