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Custom Engineered System (CES)

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge custom disinfection and decontamination into your facility providing a tailored decontamination experience.

Our technology can be customized to accommodate cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets, chambers, heat sterilizers, operating rooms, and so much more. 


SteraMist PRESENTS: Custom Engineered System Disinfection

 Custom Engineered System Disinfection Features

Permanently integrate iHP Technology into your facility.

Fully customized for your space and specifications

Automated remotely through control panel(s)

Real-time stats with downloadable data sets

Two-level security with both visual and sensory indicators

Efficient PLC interfaces with building’s HVAC system

Integrates as much as needed with your building management system


SteraMist Products

Are you in need of a SteraMist mobile unit, just slightly modified to fit your needs? We can customize the SteraMist mobile units to ensure your need requirements with specialized materials but with the same iHP technology.

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Tailored to your needs

Engineered System

The SteraMist experience even further in a permanent built package that lets you experience the benefits of SteraMist iHP technology in a custom system created for your facility. Adjust the number of camlock ports, choose your chassis material, opt for a visual interface, modify facility integration levels, and determine your precise level of control for an unmatched decontamination specifically tailored for your space.

Customized Enclosure

The Sterabox

Designed to work exclusively with the 90º Applicator and SteraMist Environment System, the SteraBox is a custom made enclosure with premium grade stainless steel. Remotely initiate a decontamination cycle and initiate the self-contained exhaust system without fear of hydrogen peroxide exposure to the surrounding area. With cold plasma technology, you’re able to experience speed, efficacy, and expansive material compatibility in a controlled, customizable cabinet.