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If you’re looking to quickly return your spaces to normal operations after routine or emergency shutdowns with extensively validated results, schedule iHP Corporate Service.

Our service team is deployed as soon as possible with a faster decontamination process than any other competing technology, the power of SteraMist can return facility operations back to normal with the peace of mind that comes with exceptional results. A service report is provided following completion.

iHP Technology

Corporate Services

Whether you’re routinely decontaminating your facility or addressing emergency decontamination needs, the iHP Corporate Disinfection Service Team can be called upon to deliver a six-log reduction and an EPA registered solution and technology that ensures minimal downtime with incredible material compatibility.

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Our process


We Review Your Facilities

Customers provide site details (e.g. area schematics, measurements, HVAC layout, etc.) for their disinfection and decontamination needs. TOMI Certified Technicians will review provided documentation.


We curate your custom plan

A curated service protocol is created around your facility and desired specifications. Once created and reviewed, documents are signed and submitted to initiate treatment.


We begin disinfection

Utilizing the created protocol, TOMI Certified Technicians work with you on your availability and schedule travel to your facility. The specified area is treated with our powerful SteraMist technology.


We provide your service report

You will receive a final service report. If validation is requested, you will receive a 48-hour update prior to your 7-day biological indicator incubation results.

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chemical indicators

Chemical Indicators (CIs) validate and verify whether a decontamination technology is delivering the needed dosage to all areas being tested and is used as part of a comprehensive quality control program, that also includes Biological Indicators (BIs) or Enzyme Indicators (EIs). 


Chemically treated paper strips used to measure color charted exposure levels. These are packaged with a color chart in a waterproof plastic vial. 

Easy Detection

CIs measure homogeneous distribution of TOMI’s BIT Solution. As SteraMist is applied, the CIs will turn color.


biological indicators

We recommend the use of Geobacillus stearothermophilus or Bacillus atrophaeus ribbons, as the gold standard in the industry, with the lowest D-values for the validation of BIT when using Biological Indicators (BIs).

Proven Evidence

Provides efficacy validation of a six-log kill on a spore that is more resistant than other microbes to ensure optimal iHP delivery.

Gold Standard

BIs are accepted universally by several organizations as the “Gold Standard” for validating the efficacy of decontamination.

IOQ Method

IOQ Method

Validate by establishing documented evidence that shows a facility has a high degree of assurance that will consistently yield a product with predetermined quality standards.

You can reach out to a TOMI Representative through our form below for questions on Installation and Operational Qualifications.


Customizable Method

TOMI will customize a validation process that meets the needs of any facility, large or small with a variety of budgets.

Using one of the methods, or a combination of all, share what your decontamination goals are and we’ll bring the solution!