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ENVIRONMENT SYSTEM – Innovative Disinfection Fogger

When health and safety are paramount, the SteraMist Environment System delivers the promise of a completely disinfected environment. With patented iHP disinfection and decontamination technology, this system is setting a new standard in infection control and environmental health.

The Environment System is an advanced disinfection fogger that utilizes ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) to effectively decontaminate both air and surfaces.

  • Efficient and thorough disinfection without the need for room preparation
  • Precise dosage based on volume of space
  • Ensures comprehensive coverage
  • 4X faster than the competition

Experience the power of the Environment System for safe and effective air disinfection.


Unmatched Disinfection Fogging for Complete Room Disinfection

Envision an ultra-fine mist created by an ionized hydrogen peroxide fogger that envelops the entire space, eradicating viruses, bacteria, and spores with a 6-log kill. Through the power of plasma science, the SteraMist Environment System converts a low percentage hydrogen peroxide BIT Solution into hydroxyl radicals, ensuring a rigorous adherence to sterilization standards such as cGMP, GMP, and ISO. SteraMist is a perfect approach to general decontamination in a wide variety of environments with zero negative effects on surfaces.

Uncomplicate Your Disinfection & Decontamination

Powerful and scalable intelligent decontamination for full room or enclosure decontamination for facilities that demand both versatility and effectiveness. Incorporating the latest in ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) disinfection technology, our system has set a new standard with its unparalleled capabilities.

Full room, multi room, and handheld manual capabilities

Automated remote controlled system with downloadable or printable cycle data

Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement

30 foot applicator cords, use all applicators at once or set each applicator to its own treatment time

Only a 15 minute dwell time

Complies with cGMP/GMP/ISO Standards

Take Charge with Innovative Capability

Full and Multi-Room Disinfection: Gone are the times when manual spot checks and localized treatments were the norm. Now, with just a simple push of a button, a disinfection fogging system can envelop every nook and cranny of a facility in a delicate, sterilizing mist. This innovative approach ensures that even the most inaccessible corners are thoroughly disinfected, leaving no room for germs to hide.

Unmatched Measured Control: When it comes to safety, there’s no room for approximation. The SteraMist Environment System, an ionized hydrogen peroxide fogger, guarantees precisely measured hydrogen peroxide disbursement, providing an effective disinfection every time.

Dwell Time, Redefined: Eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses is a race against time. We enhance your facility’s defenses with a mere 15-minute dwell time, reducing any disruption to your day-to-day operations while maximizing protection.

Impeccable Data Tracking: The digital age demands precision, and our automated remote technology ensures that not a single detail is overlooked. Access-downloadable, cycle-specific data or print reports for compliance needs, all with just a few clicks.

Complete room decontamination

Multi-Function Capabilities for Varied Environments

The SteraMist Environment System offers versatile solutions for various room types, including complex multi-room settings and high-touchpoint surfaces. It is transportable, automated, and allows for simultaneous treatment of multiple spaces. It can also be switched to manual mode for quick surface spray. With precise hydrogen peroxide disbursement and no pre-conditioning required, it minimizes facility downtime compared to other technologies. Its capabilities include full room and handheld treatment, ensuring thorough sterilization of all surfaces. Integrated applicator cords enable simultaneous treatment across large areas, providing flexibility for critical operations.

Environment system specifications

Application Method: Direct Power, Multi-Applicator, Remote and Manual
Number of Applicators: Up to 3 applicators can be used

Dimensions: 31.3 x 24.2 x 17.5 in
Weight: 98.9 lbs (Excluding Accessories)

High-Performance Disinfection for Ultimate Safety and Efficiency

The SteraMist Environment System, ionized hydrogen peroxide fogger, is designed to decontaminate the air and surfaces in your space. With full-room and multi-room cycle options, this system ensures compliance with cGMP/GMP/ISO Standards. Equipped with a 30-foot applicator cord, it allows for simultaneous treatment of vast areas. Each applicator can be controlled independently, giving you precise command over your disinfection protocol.

The SteraMist Environment System completes a full cycle of room disinfection quickly, significantly reducing downtime and allowing your business to resume operations quickly. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, SteraMist leaves no residue, maintains the integrity of your environment and greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

With SteraMist’s intuitive automated and remote-controlled system, you are in complete control. You can download or print detailed cycle data to keep accurate treatment records, ensuring safety compliance and meeting audit requirements. Additionally, the remote capabilities of SteraMist allow for treatment from outside the space, minimizing the risk to personnel and effectively managing resources with precision.

Experience Unparalleled Support and Innovation with Our Comprehensive Package

Embracing a new standard of disinfection is not just about meeting regulations; it’s about advancing the safety of your environment. The SteraMist Environment System is driven by innovation, dedicated to protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Our dedicated team stands ready to help you with our innovative technology. Our comprehensive support package includes 24/7 technical support and SteraMist application assistance. You’ll also benefit from ongoing protocol consultations, dedicated customer experience representatives, and a one-year warranty with an option to extend.

  • 24/7 Technical Support (maintenance, troubleshooting)
  • 24/7 SteraMist Application Support (protocols, proper usage)
  • Ongoing protocol consultations with a SteraMist Technician
  • Ongoing communication with Customer Experience Representative
  • One-year warranty with an option to extend

Embrace the future of environmental health with the SteraMist Environment System — where efficacy meets efficiency, and safety knows no bounds.

Discover today why businesses across the spectrum trust SteraMist for their most vital disinfection needs.