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May, 22 2024

Sanitizing Sensory Spaces

Sanitizing Sensory Spaces with SteraMist

MEC Disabilities is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families. They provide comprehensive resources and inclusive opportunities to foster a more accepting and understanding society.

Meeting the Need for MEC Disabilities

MEC Disabilities operates a free Sensory Space open to individuals of all abilities. Ensuring a clean and healthy environment is crucial, especially given the varying health statuses and needs of their visitors. The organization sought a disinfection solution that was not only effective against a range of microorganisms but also quick and easy to use daily.

Through a colleague who owns a play facility, MEC Disabilities learned about SteraMist, a cutting-edge disinfection technology. Impressed by its efficacy and recommendation, they decided to explore SteraMist further.

MEC Disabilities primarily aimed to combat microorganisms like the Flu, Covid, and RSV due to the diverse age groups and health statuses of their visitors. SteraMist’s ability to tackle these microorganisms effectively was a significant advantage.

“After researching SteraMist, I decided to contact them directly because of the great benefits and amount of care they put into not only testing their products but also ensuring their customers are happy with the results.” Founder and CEO of MEC Disabilities, Nikki Sanger.

Providing a Safeguarded Space with the SteraPak

MEC Disabilities integrated SteraMist into their daily cleaning routine, using the SteraPak to sanitize their Sensory Space after closing each day. This not only ensured a clean environment but also provided peace of mind to visitors, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

“We use the SteraPak daily after closing, ensuring the morning is sanitized for those with weaker immune systems that come in by themselves.”

The organization found SteraMist incredibly convenient and accessible, streamlining their disinfection process. This newfound ease and the assurance of a safeguarded environment attracted more families and individuals seeking a secure space, including a gentleman undergoing chemotherapy who felt comfortable visiting due to the thorough disinfection protocols in place.

“I love the ease of accessibility, and how convenient it is to have the SteraPak. It makes sanitizing an ease and also puts not only our minds at ease but also the families that come in because they know we have a clean, safe environment.”

SteraMist has played a vital role in enhancing safety and inclusivity at MEC Disabilities, showcasing its superiority over traditional disinfection methods. By prioritizing effectiveness, ease of use, and customer satisfaction, SteraMist has become an indispensable asset in creating a clean and welcoming environment for all.