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April, 22 2024

Art Studio Mold Remediation

SteraMist Transforms Mold Remediation for Somma Sculpture

Frank Somma, the owner of Somma Sculpture, initially ventured into the world of SteraMist when faced with the challenges of mold remediation in both personal and business spaces. The motivation behind the purchase was rooted in the need for a reliable solution that could seamlessly integrate into various environments, including his art studio, residence, and rental properties without the worries of using harsh chemicals.

Because SteraMist’s versatility accommodated all of Somma’s needs, he decided to utilize the technology to start his own mold remediation company. SteraMist became a staple in his mold inspection business, offering an all-in-one approach to decontaminating gear and ensuring a safe re-entry into rooms and his vehicle after each job. The system found its place, not only in residential spaces but also in Somma’s personal warehouse art studio and personal vehicle, showcasing SteraMist adaptability across different settings.

The problems SteraMist solved for Somma and his spaces were wide-ranging and complex. The ease of use, absence of odors or residues, no risk of staining or corrosion, and minimal downtime for re-entry into living spaces made it a revolutionary addition to his businesses. As someone with health issues, Somma felt at ease using SteraMist and extended this confidence to his clients, knowing that the application posed no risk to property or health.

Meeting the Need for Mold Remediation

Products Used:SteraPak
Use Sites:Art Studio, Residence, Vehicles, Pre-School
Summary:Frank Somma needed a simple, strong, and gentle disinfection. SteraMist met those needs and more, allowing him to create his own remediation company

SteraMist significantly simplified Somma’s disinfection process. The elimination of chemical odors and residues, coupled with the reduced wait times due to the absence of fumes, made it a more efficient alternative given his schedule and living spaces. Operating as a one-man operation, he found the system to be manageable and integral to his regular cleaning and disinfection protocols.

The system seamlessly integrated into Somma’s existing routine, being utilized on every job to disinfect clothes and equipment before packing up. This regular use not only ensured a consistent level of cleanliness but also contributed to streamlining the overall disinfection process. Somma’s satisfaction with SteraMist led him to recommend it to his inspection clients, creating a ripple effect within
his industry.

It’s a very easy system to use. There are no smells or residues, no risk of staining or corrosion, no long waits to re-enter the living space after use. I feel very much at ease using it as someone with health issues.

Frank Somma, Sculptist

In addition, SteraMist’s impact extended beyond routine applications. In unique scenarios, such as potential outbreak situations at his son’s preschool or incidents requiring mold remediation professionals, SteraMist’s versatility made deployment, application, and cleanup easy. Somma also used SteraMist to supplement major mold remediation projects and in air ducts post-cleaning, showcasing its adaptability to diverse situations. Somma Sculpture utilizing SteraMist technology is a testament to the transformative power of innovative solutions in mold remediation and surface disinfection in every industry. The seamless integration into various settings, coupled with benefits such as time savings and enhanced safety, highlights SteraMist’s role in reshaping the landscape of hygiene standards and remediation. Learn more about SteraMist’s benefits here.