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April, 5 2024

Coffee Roasting Increases Efficiency


Mayorga Coffee, a distinguished name in coffee roasting and distribution, sought to add another layer to their growing legacy with a goal: To further optimize production efficiency by reducing equipment disinfection time. The challenge? To achieve results without compromising effectiveness. Firmly holding to their standards of quality, Mayorga Coffee sought a fast, dependable solution to uphold the health of their dedicated workforce and customer base – all while streamlining existing cleaning procedures within operational hours. 


In their effort to find a reliable solution, Mayorga Coffee discovered SteraMist: an innovative disinfection made possible by cutting-edge ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP). Within a matter of seconds, SteraMist eliminates a wide array of common microbes (including viruses, bacteria, and mold) from critical surfaces. Mayorga ultimately chose the SteraPak, designed for wearable convenience and user-friendly application. This choice ultimately factored in their need for flexibility for seamless navigation throughout their entire facility – from bustling offices, an inviting storefront, and even to critical stainless-steel equipment pivotal to their roasting process. With the SteraPak, Mayorga Coffee achieves incredible disinfection efficacy on par with pharmaceutical-grade results, fulfilling diverse operational requirements with remarkable ease and efficiency. 


Andy Ascencio, the Operations Manager at Mayorga Coffee, shared insights into how SteraMist technology revolutionized their disinfection process. According to Ascencio, Our goal is to try to have the cleanest and best food safety program in the sector. We tried a few different kinds of sanitizers, but we have to try to balance food safety and efficiency.” 

The balance of speed and efficiency is exactly what the company was looking for. It is one thing to be quick, but being quick without compromising how well the disinfection works is the most important thing. 

Ascencio also mentioned, “…and this is where the SteraPak will come in, being able to sanitize surfaces really quickly and allow our production teams to start producing a lot quicker instead of having to wait for certain sanitizers to dry or to take effect and then do some testing to make sure they’re good to go.” Watch the full interview below.