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January, 20 2022

Fight Flurona With SteraMist

Flurona – what is it?

Flurona is a new word and a new disease. What is it? A potential ‘Twindemic’ in which people have the seasonal flu and COVID-19 at the same time and has already hit the shores of America.

COVID-19 has been at the forefront of controversy, discussion, and concern, many medical professionals are worried about a potential rise in Influenza cases as infections last year were significantly lower than average (Nirappil 2021). What this means, according to Rochelle Walensky, Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is that “because of so little disease last year, population immunity is likely lower, putting us all at risk of increased disease this year” (Nirappil 2021). This information is especially alarming when considering a person can become infected with COVID-19 and Influenza at the same time (Nirappil). Although more research still needs to be conducted on the long-lasting effects of “Flurona”, preventing the double infection of two respiratory illnesses seems like a reasonable priority.

Combatting Flurona

In order to reduce the number of potential Influenza, COVID-19, and Flurona cases, it is essential that SteraMist is implemented into school buildings, specifically ones that host children under the age of thirteen.  In fact, “younger children between the ages of 6-12 usually have the highest incidences of flu activity and infection than other schools” (Elkridge 2019). Therefore, there is a higher likelihood that children will contract Influenza, while also still being exposed to COVID-19. Furthermore, these children can also go home and infect their parents, thereby substantially increasing Influenza, COVID-19, and Flurona cases. SteraMist disinfection is EPA registered for Influenza A and listed, EPA List N for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) proving that it can help in infection prevention and keeping children protected.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world currently, SteraMist provides a stable solution to a global pandemic and ever-changing social and educational system policies. No matter the geographic location, SteraMist will provide protection against COVID-19, influenza, and Flurona, among many other pathogens, in the classroom as well as transportation, when given the opportunity. Therefore, it is essential that school districts begin to widely implement SteraMist into their cleaning and disinfection routine and provide protection to the children and the opportunity for them to stay in school and continue learning through in-person instruction.


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