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June, 21 2021

Electronic Circuitry TSN Case Study

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Disinfection

More than just healthcare facilities and schools are at risk when it comes to dangerous microorganisms. When a possible infection strikes manufacturing facilities, production must stop, employees must vacate the facility, and the area must be treated immediately. When an employee tested positive for coronavirus, California-based ABC Assembly, Inc. called in Pacific Sanitizing Services, a TOMI Service Network (TSN) provider to treat their facility with SteraMist disinfection.

ABC Assembly, Inc. specializes in electrical and mechanical designs from conceptional design to direct fulfillment to the end customer. In the effort to reduce the disinfection turnaround time, SteraMist disinfection was applied to every facet of the 9,000 ft2 facility – including circuitry, surfaces, tools & equipment, shelving, and high-touch areas.

SteraMist iHP Deployed at Manufacturing Plant


In the span of only three (3) hours on a Saturday, the facility was completely and thoroughly treated using a SteraMist Surface Unit, two (2) technicians, and two (2) gallons of SteraMist BIT Solution. From electronic circuitry to shelving and high-touch areas of the facility was fully disinfected.


SteraMist disinfection is uniquely equipped to treat sensitive electronics with a high-log kill through the use of non-corrosive, low-percentage hydrogen peroxide transformed by cold plasma technology.

SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology kills the hardest of microorganisms within seconds, resulting in powerful efficacy, reduced treatment time, and non-corrosive disinfection. As an EPA-registered disinfectant, SteraMist is subjected to many material compatibility tests to ensure that your facility is treated as effectively as possible. SteraMist contains no dyes, fragrances, chlorine, ammonium, bleach, or silver ions. Check out SteraMist’s material compatibility HERE.


Pacific Sanitizing is proud to supply safe decontamination options for residential and commercial customers in the greater Santa Cruz area. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions that are effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly to help keep your property free from hazardous microorganisms. Family-owned and operated, we provide a wealth of resources for the residents of Northern California.

Our business is genuine, friendly, professional, and wholly committed to customer satisfaction. We never sell services or give recommendations unless we are sure that they will be beneficial for you.

Pacific Sanitizing is the most qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, capable, and credible company in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas to safely disinfect your residential or commercial property. Find out more about Pacific Sanitizing HERE.