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December, 10 2019

SteraMist Disinfecting the Flu at WVU

Basketball Team Faces an Influenza Outbreak

West Virginia University, a renowned institution with a strong athletic tradition, recently faced an unprecedented challenge that brought its basketball team’s preparations to a standstill. The culprit was an influenza outbreak, which swept through the campus with such severity that it led to a significant number of students, including many athletes, being unable to attend classes or participate in sports activities. This unexpected turn of events put a halt to the basketball team’s training sessions, as the health and safety of the students and staff became the immediate priority. In response to this health crisis and with an urgency to mitigate the impact on the athletic program, West Virginia University took proactive measures. They enlisted the expertise of Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration, a company known for its comprehensive cleaning and disinfection services, to ensure that the athletics facilities were thoroughly disinfected, aiming to safeguard the health of the athletes and staff and to resume the basketball team’s training as soon as possible.

Disinfection Is Implemented to Fight the Flu

The intervention by Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration at the West Virginia University athletics facility was comprehensive and meticulously planned to address the challenges posed by the influenza outbreak. The cornerstone of their approach was the use of SteraMist, a cutting-edge disinfection technology known for its effectiveness in eliminating pathogens and ensuring a safe environment.

Disinfection of the Athletics Facility

The SteraMist technology was deployed throughout the entire athletics facility. This included not only common areas such as locker rooms, weight rooms, and training areas but also showers, stalls, and any other spaces utilized by the athletes and staff. The technology’s efficacy in reaching and disinfecting surfaces ensured a comprehensive sanitization effort. All equipment housed within the athletics facility, including, chairs, couches, cushions, weight sets, benches, and mats underwent a thorough disinfection process. Special attention was given to high-touch areas and equipment to minimize any risk of virus transmission.

Comprehensive Facility Cleaning & Disinfection

Panhandle initiated the application of SteraMist across a wide range of surfaces and sports equipment within the athletics facility, targeting any potential vectors for pathogen transmission. This comprehensive approach ensured that SteraMist iHP technology was applied to virtually everything that might come into contact with athletes or spectators, prioritizing areas and items of frequent use. Thanks to Panhandle’s thorough application of SteraMist, the entire athletics facility was successfully sanitized. This allowed the West Virginia University basketball team to quickly return to live practice sessions within just two days, reintegrating athletes back into their training routines safely and efficiently, with confidence in the mitigation of pathogen risks.

Through this comprehensive scope of work, Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration aimed not only to address the immediate concerns posed by the influenza outbreak but also to lay a foundation for healthier practices and environments within West Virginia University’s athletics facilities. This initiative was a critical step in allowing the basketball team to safely resume their training and in promoting a culture of health and safety among all athletes and staff involved.

“Literally – if you go in that facility – if you could touch it or go to it and use it, we cleaned it.” Josh Contraguerro, Vice President of Marketing, Panhandle