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April, 6 2020

Case Study – WOW Airforce Base

When a San Antonio-based Air Force base had begun to suspect possible coronavirus contamination on the premises, authorities needed to locate a technology and service quick enough to complete the job quickly and efficiently. As a response, relevant military staff reached out to local TSNTM member Wow Total Cleaning & Restoration to tackle the challenge by utilizing SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHPTM) in the potentially affected areas.

Two (2) facilities on the base required disinfection – the Community Center and Equipment Maintenance Building. An 18-hour turnaround deadline was requested. Four (4) on-site SteraMist technicians were assigned to the job to ensure that the goal was reached.

In order to address the issue, all four (4) technicians proceeded to treat the area. Treated surfaces include high-touch areas, such as doors, handles, trash bins, switches, kitchen areas, drawers and cabinets, dispensers, and bathroom areas. 5 gallons of solution were used to treat both facilities.

Having used only a SteraMist Surface Unit, a SteraMist Environment Unit, five gallons of solution, and four on-site technicians, the two-facility job was completed in 10 hours – well under the given 18 hour deadline. Each high-touch area was thoroughly disinfected.