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February, 12 2020

Case Study – Kansas State University

With a sole active ingredient of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide, SteraMist® has found favor throughout many different industries in many areas worldwide – from university research and food processing facilities all the way to ambulance decontamination and residential remediation. While the uses of SteraMist® span a broad spectrum, nothing perhaps illustrates this better than Kansas State University.

In response to the recent flu outbreaks nationwide, the Kansas State University proactively disinfected its classrooms using SteraMist® – the very same technology used to disinfect cadavers used for study within their anatomy laboratory. When higher absenteeism was reported, the technology was also used to treat staff offices and reception areas.

Regardless of the industry in question, TOMI™, through the use of SteraMist® technology, have a single goal: Innovating for a Safer World®. This means utlizing iHP™ technology in every situation where it can help – from the commonplace to the unusual.