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October, 22 2019

Case Study – ASR


After the Thomas Fire pushed through Southern California at an alarming rate of an acre per second, ASR was faced with a growing list of service call requests from the neighboring town of Santa Paula and a dwindling workforce due to evactuations. After calling an emergency crew meeting, ASR was contacted by both the Santa Paula and Ojai School Districts requesting smoke odor and soot intrusion remediation efforts for the entirety of each district. As the ash fell for the following weeks, ASR contacted trusted sub-contractors, gathered their SteraMist® equipment, and began their work.


Santa Paula School District:

  • 8 schools in need of service, each with 25-30 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, bathrooms, and staff offices.

Ojai School District:

  • 10 Schools in need of service, similar in size to those in the SPSD with the exception of two – a middle and high school almost twice as large as the others.
  • An initial ASR workforce of 12 emergency crewmembers, three DKI franchises, and 50 contracted hires.
  • 4 days allotted for each individual school, at approximately two hours per room.
  • An initial deadline of two weeks, but three was allotted due to Christmas break.

Having invested in SteraMist® not long before the fire, they were confident in its ability to both disinfect and deodorize in a short window of time. This would not only cut down on germs with a six-log kill, but leave the rooms smelling deodorized in the span of an hour or so. Gaining the approval of the school district and their insurance carrier almost immediately, ASR began their work. Each room was sealed up to prevent the re-entry of ash, and once each room was cleaned, SteraMist was deployed.


After working tediously for three straight weeks – including weekends and holidays – the teams utilizing SteraMist® were able to complete 13 schools for a $3.7 million service request, providing a fresher, cleaner environment for the students and solidifying their relationship with the community school districts.

“We had recently made the decision to invest in SteraMist® technology and our timing couldn’t have been better.

  • Damon Sanchez Emergency Services Division Manager, ASR