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March, 24 2023

Building Foundations Beyond COVID

ESC, a Certified SteraMist provider and TSN member receives ongoing contract

ESC, a TOMI Service Network (TSN) provider since 2015, has been using SteraMist disinfection products to bolster their mold remediation service and assist with their thriving fire/water mitigation services. During the pandemic in 2020, ESC almost tripled their revenue due to being trained and certified to offer SteraMist services to local hospitals with COVID outbreaks. That knowledge and offering turned into a lasting partnership with the largest hospital system in North Louisiana, Willis Knighton. ESC also utilizes SteraMist in other unique business settings, like oil field offices.

Meeting the Need

“There are five Willis Knighton hospitals and hundreds of other healthcare offices, clinics, and smaller emergency medical facilities, as well. Prior to Covid 19 in 2016, we went under contract with Willis Knighton as their designated HazWoper contractor in the event of a hazardous materials spill or exposure on any of their properties. Once we were made aware of SteraMist becoming registered on the EPA List N, we became Willis Knighton’s crutch in their daily fight against Covid 19. We entered a secondary contract that also continues today.” Shelby Dunn, Owner/Operations Manager of ESC.

Scope of the Job

With SteraMist, ESC was deemed an essential business and was consistently assisting those in the healthcare facilities with disinfection service. “We are currently on week 152 of reporting to their main hospital campus at 7:30 am each day to begin spraying. In March of 2020, our SteraMist technicians began a rotation schedule of morning and night shifts spraying all areas of Willis Knighton that were needed.”

ESC also comments on the versatility and material compatibility of SteraMist. “For the first seven months of the contract, we even sprayed thousands of nursing staff’s N95 masks due to the shortage. We also sprayed the nurse and physician’s gowns for a period because they, too, were in high demand. This routine continued as a daily morning shift for our technicians with occasional mid-day or evening emergency sprays as needed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, along with H1N1, norovirus, and other viruses and bacteria as a preventative measure. We also spray Willis Knighton’s ambulances and helicopters.”

“The amazing SteraMist dry fog system is untouchable in comparison with its competitors. We are able to more effectively treat a facility and the customer returns to work within a typical lunch break. Minimal interruption to work hours, which our customers love!

– Shelby Dunn, Owner/Operations Manager of ESC

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