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July, 6 2023

SteraMist vs. Electrostatic Sprayers: Unveiling the Superiority of SteraMist’s iHP Technology.

Difference in Disinfection Matters – Don’t let a Marketing Product Delusion Become Your Illusion.

In the realm of disinfection, SteraMist has emerged as a groundbreaking solution that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional methods. Not to be mistaken for just another electrostatic sprayer, SteraMist’s innovative ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology offers a superior option for effective and comprehensive disinfection. While SteraMist’s technology does use a cold plasma arc that resembles an electrical charge, that is where the similarities stop, and the power of iHP technology begins.

Electrostatic sprayers have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to efficiently disinfect large areas but were than tarnished with the recall of exploding and fire prone batteries. These devices apply a positive charge to a disinfectant solution which only sometimes is EPA registered, causing it to adhere to surfaces through electrostatic attraction. While electrostatic sprayers offer advantages over traditional methods, they have certain limitations that SteraMist overcomes. Unlike electrostatic sprayers, SteraMist employs iHP technology, which harnesses the power of ionized Hydrogen Peroxide for comprehensive disinfection. Instead of simply applying a charge to the solution, SteraMist employs a cold plasma arc that splits that hydrogen peroxide molecule and creates a hydroxyl radical, nature’s most powerful disinfectant. These hydroxyl radicals are one of the key reasons that SteraMist is far superior to electrostatic sprayers and why SteraMist should never be confused with its electrostatic counterpart.

Electrostatic sprayers rely solely on the attraction between charged particles and surfaces, while SteraMist’s iHP technology offers a multi-faceted approach to disinfection. The ionized Hydrogen Peroxide in SteraMist creates a fine mist (sub-micron to single digit micron) of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which effectively target and destroy pathogens such as bacteria spores, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores on contact. This thorough decontamination process ensures a higher level of disinfection, even in hard-to-reach areas. This level of disinfection/ decontamination is simply not possible with other chemicals that are used with electrostatic sprayers. Chemicals like bleach, hypochlorous acid, or high percentage hydrogen peroxide solutions have a far too large particle (40-120 microns) in size to move like a gas even when applied with a positive charge. SteraMist submicron size can only be achieved by passing it through the DARPA designed cold plasma arc.

Because of electrostatic sprayers reliance on the positive charge of whichever chemical is being sprayed, there must be a wet time associated with disinfection. Having a wet time associated with disinfection means that there is not an instant kill, and the chemical mixture will have to sit on the surface which leaves moisture and chemical residue that will lead to corrosion or eventual breakdown of the surface material. SteraMist’s iHP technology ensures that the integrity of the surface will not be harmed no matter how often it needs to be disinfected. The hydroxyl radicals leave behind only oxygen and humidity. Electrostatic and other forms of disinfection leave a thin film behind that would need to be wiped and if it is not, can lead to further contamination because of the sticky surface.

SteraMist can also be used as a full room fogger in addition to a surface disinfectant. Electrostatic sprayers can only be used as a surface disinfectant due to the size of the particles and the chemicals used in the solutions. Attempting to employ an electrostatic sprayer as a complete room fogger would lead to extensive damage as the excessive moisture would saturate the surroundings and leave behind a substantial residue.

SteraMist’s iHP technology has been extensively tested and validated by independent third-party and government laboratories, providing concrete evidence of its efficacy. The technology has proven effective against a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria spores, bacteria, viruses, fungi including its spores. This scientific validation ensures confidence in the disinfection process and sets SteraMist apart from electrostatic sprayers.

The closures of electrostatic companies like Victory Innovations emphasizes the importance of selecting disinfection solutions based on proven technology. SteraMist shines as an example of longevity and reliability. Its advanced technology, proven efficiency, adaptability, and unwavering customer support have secured its position as the go-to solution for effective disinfection. Its versatility enables it to be used in various environments, including ambulances, offices, gyms, and laboratories. SteraMist’s ability to stand the test of time reaffirms its position as a leader in the industry and ensures that it will continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for years to come.

SteraMist’s iHP technology represents a significant leap forward in the field of disinfection. By combining portability, rapid disinfection, thorough decontamination, residue-free application, and environmental safety, SteraMist surpasses electrostatic sprayers as the superior option for comprehensive disinfection. SteraMist’s iHP technology stands tall among traditional methods, providing a cutting-edge solution for a wide range of industries and applications. Choose SteraMist for unparalleled disinfection and peace of mind in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.