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October, 28 2022

Police On Duty with SteraMist

Case Study: San Diego Police Department 

San Diego’s Police Department was looking for a disinfection solution during the height of the coronavirus pandemic to bring cases down and to keep their department healthy and working. In a city like San Diego, officers missing shifts for weeks at a time because of sickness is not an affordable luxury. Keeping their officers on duty and protecting their city is paramount.

Meeting The Need

The department brought in a third party to disinfect with strong chemicals, costing thousands of dollars per month with no noticeable reduction in COVID cases and other viral and bacterial spores, resulting in an overall ineffective cleaning method. After a recommendation from the San Diego Fire Department – which uses SteraMist throughout its firehouse and engines – SDPD made the decision to purchase a SteraMist system for the police department. Once SteraMist was implemented, a noticeable decrease in COVID cases and a reduction in cost was observed. With SteraMist portable products on site, they are able to deploy disinfection easily when needed without the trouble of hiring a cleaning and disinfection company. 

Disinfection Scope

The department originally bought the Surface Unit to use in high-touch and high-traffic areas inside the building. The Surface Unit is being used regularly throughout classrooms and locker rooms, as well as other large rooms in their facility. Seeing the benefits of SteraMist disinfection, they purchased the latest SteraMist product: the SteraPak. With its cordless freedom, the SteraPak is used for smaller areas and command vehicles. SteraMist disinfection is implemented in any room with sensitive equipment, including crime labs, crime analysis, data systems, cubicles with computers and other equipment, offices, and more. 

SteraMist Success

“The Surface Unit is great in our larger rooms like the classrooms and locker rooms, allowing us to cover large areas without worrying about changing the battery or running out of power. The SteraPak is implemented in every small area and vehicles – we can dip into a cubicle, spray it down, dip right back out and it’s quickly disinfected, ready to go after just a short time. We originally purchased SteraMist for COVID, but after seeing how well it worked and how versatile it was, we added it to our regular cleaning and maintenance programs to combat other germs and pathogens to prevent sicknesses.” – Joe Nunez, SDPD Officer