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January, 18 2024

One Step Disinfection and Mold Control for Cannabis Grow Operations  

SteraMist Eliminating Common Fungus and Mold Spores Affecting Grow 

In cannabis cultivation, protecting the quality, potency, and terpenes of your crop is extremely important with stringent testing requirements and dangerous microbes threatening yields around every corner. The challenge is to find the solution that can kill microbes that states are testing for, such as Aspergillus, Powdery Mildew, and Botrytis easily and efficiently. Fortunately, SteraMist technology, utilizing innovative ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology, has emerged as a game-changer in the battle against mold and spores. SteraMist can effectively eliminate Aspergillus and powdery mold throughout the entire cannabis growing process, while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. This is not your ordinary hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, iHP technology uses cold plasma science to create a mist that moves like a gas and kills spores and microbes fast.  

Understanding the Threat  

Aspergillus is a common airborne mold that poses a significant risk to cannabis cultivation. This mold releases harmful mycotoxins, which can cause serious health issues when consumed or inhaled. Powdery mold, a type of mildew, can rapidly spread and lead to decreased yields and compromised plant health. The presence of these molds not only affects the crop quality but also puts the health and safety of consumers at risk. Because of that, it becomes imperative to implement effective measures for mold eradication. 

While it is important to recognize the potential danger that Aspergillus potentially poses, it is also important to protect the business with tighter regulations and testing requirements regarding Aspergills and other microbes. States are ramping up their testing requirements for everything from Aspergillus to water content. If the state finds that the levels of these are too high, the grower will have to either find a way to get rid of it quickly, and re-test, or lose that part of their crop. This means it is imperative that growers use a system that ensures the health of the plants before they get tested.  

SteraMist in Cultivation Stage- From Seed, to Veg, to Flower: 

During the cultivation phase, SteraMist can be utilized to treat the growing environment, including grow rooms, trays, and equipment. The iHP technology generates a fine mist of ionized hydrogen peroxide that fills the space, penetrating every nook and cranny. This ensures the elimination of mold spores and their active colonies, even in hard-to-reach areas. SteraMist’s ability to achieve a six-log kill (99.9999% reduction) in microbial populations is a testament to its effectiveness. 

SteraMist in Harvesting and Drying Stage: 

As the cannabis plants approach the harvesting stage, it is crucial to prevent the development of mold during drying and curing. SteraMist’s iHP technology can be deployed to treat drying areas and equipment, effectively eliminating any residual mold spores that may be present. This ensures the preservation of the plants’ potency, terpenes, and overall quality. 

SteraMist in Packaging and Storage: 

Proper packaging and storage are vital to maintaining the freshness and safety of cannabis products. SteraMist can be utilized to disinfect packaging materials, such as jars, bags, and containers, to eliminate any mold spores that may have found their way into the packaging process. Additionally, treating storage areas and facilities with SteraMist ensures a mold-free environment for product storage, safeguarding the quality and longevity of the final cannabis products. 

Case Study: Protecting Cannabis Growth 

One of the biggest names in cannabis growing and genetics, Dark Horse Genetics were searching far and wide for a solution to their Aspergillus and Powdery Mildew problem. After a long search, they were connected with Tri from Sterile Grow, a SteraMist partner, to try SteraMist in their facility. They sprayed SteraMist at every stage of the grow from the clones to cured and dried cannabis. After spraying with SteraMist, the plants were retested and all of them passed the test and were ready for packaging. In this study, Dark Horse successfully implemented SteraMist technology to eliminate Aspergillus and powdery mold. The results showcased an impressive reduction in mold spores and kept product quality, including THC potency and terpenes, intact.  By adopting SteraMist as a proactive measure, the facility demonstrated its commitment to producing safe and high-quality cannabis products, setting new industry standards. Read the full case study here.  “Protecting Cannabis Growth” 

Never has there been an all-in-one solution that you can spray at every stage of the grow and is proven to keep microbes at bay and pass strict testing. By utilizing SteraMist throughout the entire growing process, cannabis cultivators can safeguard their crops, optimize yields, and produce high-quality, mold-free products. With the ability to achieve a six-log kill, SteraMist not only meets stringent regulatory requirements but also provides peace of mind to consumers and cultivators alike. No more having to use a different product for every stage of the grow. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, SteraMist stands to be the consistent, go-to disinfectant and mold control product in the industry, empowering growers to cultivate safer and healthier cannabis.