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January, 30 2024

Future of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

A SteraMist Success Story: Avid Bioservices

Innovation in gene therapy and biopharmaceuticals is not just a choice but a necessity. Avid Bioservices, a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company, has been at the forefront of this evolution for over three decades. Their commitment to quality and technical excellence led them to a groundbreaking solution – SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology.

At the heart of their success is the mission to provide a client-centric experience while adding value utilizing automation at Avid’s 53,000 square foot cGMP production facility dedicated to Viral Vector development and commercial manufacturing. The journey began at Interphex, where Avid encountered SteraMist and its portable Select Surface Unit. However, the scale of Avid’s requirements transcended a single portable system. Avid engaged in discussions about the stringent demands of their upstream, downstream, and fill suites, finding a perfect fit in fully integrated iHP technology, the Custom Engineered System (CES).

A Legacy of Disinfection Excellence

SteraMist’s roots trace back to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which needed a solution that would kill anthrax spores quickly. What started as a solution for bioterrorism evolved into a versatile technology applicable across industries. It became the first EPA-registered combination of solution and technology, setting a standard in the field. SteraMist’s Custom Engineered System (CES) further expanded its reach, seamlessly integrating into various environments, especially in life sciences.

A Paradigm Shift in Decontamination for Biopharmaceutical

Before SteraMist, Avid relied on manual cleaning routines within cleanroom protocols. Seeking an upgrade that would be effective, reliable, and add value, they set stringent prerequisites. SteraMist iHP emerged as the premier choice, consistently achieving microbial neutralization thresholds, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and minimizing impact on daily operations. Remi Barghout, Director of Project Engineering at Avid Bioservices, states, “I am confident that this integrated iHP system will set a new standard for large biotech and pharmaceutical facilities. The TOMI technical team was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the installation of additional iHP systems in the future.”

The Perfect Match for Avid’s Vision

The construction of Avid’s state-of-the-art campus demanded a delicate balance of functionality and security. Opting for modular cleanroom construction, Avid seamlessly integrated SteraMist into their design. The intelligent Building Management System (BMS) interaction provided critical control, allowing Avid to schedule decontamination cycles without disrupting production.

Stay Tuned for the Full Story

This is just a glimpse into the transformative journey of Avid Bioservices with SteraMist iHP technology. The full case study delves deeper into the challenges, solutions, and the remarkable outcomes achieved. Stay tuned for the full case study!