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March, 8 2023

Developing a New Generation

SteraMist Systems to Meet Any Disinfection and Decontamination Need

TOMI continues to develop and expand the SteraMist product line to include new generations of the original mobile products with the goal of designing and creating new products to adhere to current and new industries. As the relationship with ARM EnerTech Associates, LLC (ARM) is established in the United States, TOMI continues to design and manufacture new products and adhere to the high demand for the Custom Engineered Systems (CES).

Enhancing Current Mobile System

Working in partnership with ARM, TOMI has created the fourth generation of its Environment system. This new generation has the capability to program more inputs and outputs, creating the capability for more facility automation. This has proven to be more appealing to new and current clients, with the fourth generation currently on the market. An additional product that has seen great interest and is targeted directly for hot cell integration is the modified stainless steel SteraMist Environment System with custom applicators that can endure hot cell radiation. This has currently been sold to a world-renowned cancer institution and has multiple opportunities to implement the same system in other facilities that use hot cells.

New SteraMist Products in Forward Progress

There are several new projects that are currently in or nearing the final stages, the Select Plus and Transport. The Select Plus- is in the final stages of design being tested in a live environment with a current customer. The Transport, a semi-permanent fogger designed for vehicles, is being modified with the feedback of being tested in a live environment and production will be imminently following.

Streamlining Chambers

Streamlining the installation and sale of the Decontamination Chamber is also currently in progress. Partnering with several established providers of life science solutions, such as those who produce and sell chambers, SteraMist will be offered as an option in tandem with these solutions as the primary decontamination method. As portable, modular cleanrooms are increasing in demand, this SteraMist system will be easily implemented into this space as well. This SteraMist simplified Decontamination Chamber will provide more representatives and implementation of SteraMist worldwide as we enter the final stage of negotiation with these partners.

Meeting the Requirements

With new regulations and standards (Annex 1, ISO 35001), TOMI continues to develop the SteraMist systems with its patented iHP technology as SteraMist meets these requirements. By having multiple options and developing additional systems, SteraMist will penetrate different markets and ensure the right system for the market’s demand.

As the world continues to face pandemics, chemical and biological warfare, and unknown threats, the future remains undetermined. Arming yourself with a disinfectant that can combat these threats is paramount. Ensuring that there is a SteraMist system for every application is critical to protect the future of disinfection and keeping up with ever-changing regulations.