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March, 3 2023

Coronavirus Pandemic Likely Caused by Lab Leak

The coronavirus pandemic that could have been prevented

After creating widespread global devastation and panic, the origin of the coronavirus pandemic has largely remained a mystery. Now, new information has emerged that reinforces a claim that it somehow began spreading in Wuhan, China.

Citing a classified intelligence report provided to the White House and members of Congress, the United States Department of Energy, which oversees a network of 17 U.S. laboratories, offered a “low confidence” statement that claims the COVID-19 pandemic began as the result of an unintentional laboratory leak. The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, a long-suspected source, has a documented history of working with Coronavirus research.

Addressing the Origin of the Virus

While the geographic origin of the virus is well-known, the debate continues as to whether the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak was the result of natural transmission or a negligent lab leak, which we are seeing more evidence arise. As the world continues to be affected by pandemic lockdowns and legislation, clarifying the root cause is critical to improving a global response to future biological threats and health crises. Scrutiny over preventative disinfection and decontamination precautions can mean the difference between an isolated scare or a global pandemic.

SteraMist Preventative Procedures

SteraMist iHP decontamination technology is currently used worldwide in highly classified laboratories that experiment with the most dangerous microorganisms – including chemical and biological warfare agents. In government laboratories throughout the United States, SteraMist is both deployed and integrated to control these threats on a routine basis. Held at multiple Department of Public Health facilities across the United States, SteraMist can be easily deployed in the event of an emergency. Whether that threat is a common outbreak of influenza or an unexpected resurgence of Ebola or Coronavirus, SteraMist remains vigilant in responding to large-scale outbreaks. Interested to see how SteraMist is used throughout multiple pandemics? Check out the SteraMist Pandemic History blog here.