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September, 24 2021

Case Study – IMSSM + Coy Labs


During research performed at Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (IMSSM), a SteraMist Select Surface Unit was implemented within a small Coy Labs Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber passthrough
unit in an effort to streamline equipment decontamination protocols.


Using both SteraMist and the Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber, TOMI technicians were able to create a baseline decontamination
protocol. To gauge efficacy, chemical indicators were placed throughout the chamber to measure hydrogen peroxide dispersion. In addition, biological indicators were placed in the following areas to confirm six-log efficacy against Geobacillus stearothermophilus after every consecutive injection:

• 4x on Top Corners of Chamber
• 4x on Bottom Corners of Chamber
• 2x within Midsection Chamber
• 1x Beneath Scale

The SteraMist Select Surface Unit and 7.8% hydrogen peroxide-based ionized hydrogen combination led to a 4x faster decontamination with a validated six-log reduction on each indicator.

SteraMist decontamination solutions are developed to fit the needs of the facility and validated for a rapid decontamination.


SteraMist Unit: Select Surface Unit
Applicator: Standard Handheld
Chamber Volume: 27 cu. ft. (764 L)
Injection Time: 5 Minutes
Dwell Time: 7-10 Minutes
Aeration Time: 10 Minutes
Pathogen Reduction: 6-log Kill