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September, 30 2021

Case Study – Coronavirus (Jail)


In the midst of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, civil services and businesses bring cleanliness and safety to the forefront as a precaution and a neccessity. With the often-crowded environment of jails posing a danger via transmission of the virus, penetenteries are looking to reduce the overall inmate population and disinfect their facilities to keep both staff and inmates safe. Middletown City Jail addressed this possibility by contacting their local TOMI Service Network member to request SteraMist® facility and automobile treatments as a precaution against the risk of transmission.


Though Middletown County Jail often has trusted inmates manually cleaning high-touch and heavily-trafficked areas, they sought out a faster, thorough, and more powerful disinfection with SteraMist® to ensure peace-of-mind. With a presence on EPA’s List N for efficacy against coronavirus, SteraMist® was used to treat 36 cells (including initial holding and isolation), dispatch center, detective station, and booking area.


SteraMist® was thoroughly applied to each of the designated areas in the jail, as well as each vehicle within their fleet before being successfully validated.

The project Manager reiterated that the station “gave us a 30-minute window to disinfect the dispatch center due to critical ongoing operations, and we were able to easily meet that goal thanks to SteraMist.”

Following the disinfection of the jail, SteraMist® was also utilized on county-wide first responder vehicles to help support their community.