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December, 18 2020

Case Study – Bright Horizons


Bright Horizons – the daycare operation of St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania – experienced an unexpected outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease amongst the attending children. Staff had attempted to control the viral outbreak for several weeks to no avail, with the disease still running rampant within the facility with no sign of relenting. In an effort to finally stem both the disease presence and transference, the facility turned to the utilization of SteraMist® products in their existing hospital inventory for treatment with ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) technology.


Bright Horizons Daycare Facility:
To remediate entire rooms and high-touch surfaces, the whole facility required SteraMist® treatment without interfering with daily daycare operations. To ensure this was accomplished, quick treatment was preferred

SteraMist® is a very versatile product useful in many different situations. We hope your company continues to innovate in this critical area of infection prevention.

  • Jeff Weisendanger St. Mary Medical Center

To control the spread of pathogens without affecting facility operations, the daycare facility was treated during downtime on a Saturday. SteraMist iHP™ was quickly and effectively applied to the entirety of the facility and its high-touch and high-traffic areas, including surfaces, hallways, classrooms, staircases, and activity areas.


Within the timeframe of a single day, SteraMist® was seamlessly applied to the entire daycare facility. As a result, the disease has not reappeared since the initial treatment and operations were able to resume, providing both students and staff with peace-of-mind.