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December, 1 2023

Revamping Hospital Cleaning: SteraMist Emerges as the Superior Alternative to Bleach 

The battle against hospital-acquired infections has intensified, with superbugs such as Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) becoming resistant to cleaning with bleach, posing a significant threat to patient health. Traditional cleaning methods, including the use of bleach and other chemicals, are facing scrutiny due to their limitations in eradicating these resilient microbes. An article from The Messenger titled “Deadly Superbugs Infect Thousands of People at US Hospitals. Now The Bleach Used to Kill Them Doesn’t Work” sheds light on the inadequacies of bleach in combatting these deadly microbes. SteraMist, with revolutionary ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) disinfection technology has emerged as a far more viable option for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of hospital rooms. 

The Downside of Bleach and Quat Cleaners: 

Bleach has long been the go-to disinfectant in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. However, as highlighted in The Messenger’s article based on a study from the journal, Microbiology, the efficacy of bleach in eliminating superbugs is fading fast. The article reveals that some superbugs, such as several strains of C. diff and have developed resistance to bleach, even after scrubbing, rendering it ineffective in preventing the spread of infections. Additionally, the use of bleach has been associated with various health and environmental concerns, including respiratory issues, production of harmful byproducts, and the breakdown of materials that bleach comes in contact with. 

In contrast to traditional cleaning methods, SteraMist offers a cutting-edge, point and spray solution and equipment combination. Low percentage hydrogen peroxide BIT Solution is passed through a cold plasma arc to create hydroxyl radicals that instantly disinfects on contact. This method ensures that every corner and hard to reach spaces of a hospital room is thoroughly disinfected, leaving no room for the survival of harmful microbes. The ionized mist generated by SteraMist reaches areas that are often missed by manual cleaning or traditional disinfectants, providing a comprehensive and effective solution. For a more in-depth review of SteraMist against traditional methods of cleaning and disinfection, read our previous blog , The Difference in Disinfection.  

Benefits of SteraMist over Bleach: 

Comprehensive Coverage: 

SteraMist’s ionized mist can penetrate hard-to-reach areas, covering the entire room, including surfaces and hidden corners. This comprehensive coverage ensures that no part of the environment is left untouched, minimizing the risk of bacterial and viral transmission. 

No Harmful Byproducts: 

Unlike bleach, SteraMist does not produce harmful byproducts during the disinfection process. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice and reduces the risk of adverse health effects on patients, healthcare workers, and cleaning staff. 

Efficacy Against Superbugs: 

SteraMist has proven efficacy against a wide range of microbes, such as different strains of C. diff. and including other antibiotic-resistant superbugs. This technology disrupts the cellular structure of these microbes, leaving them unable to survive and multiply. This is a crucial advantage in the fight against infections that have become resistant to traditional disinfectants. 

Quick Application and Turnaround: 

iHP technology offers a rapid disinfection process, inactivating viruses and killing spores in seconds, with no wet time needed, allowing hospital rooms to be quickly turned around for the next patient. This efficiency is vital in preventing the spread of infections while maintaining a clean healthcare environment. 

The need for effective and reliable disinfection methods in hospitals is more important than ever with the development that bleach, and other methods are basically being rendered obsolete. The shortcomings of bleach underscore the urgency for a paradigm shift in hospital cleaning practices. SteraMist’s advanced iHP technology not only addresses these shortcomings but also sets a new standard for comprehensive, efficient, and environmentally responsible disinfection. 

Healthcare institutions must step away from antiquated and inefficient disinfection methods and prioritize the adoption of innovative technologies like SteraMist to safeguard the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals. The battle against superbugs will never end, and SteraMist has proved time and time again that it answers the call as the best solution for keeping patients and workers healthy by offering a more efficient, more effective, and technologically advanced solution to the challenges posed by traditional cleaners.