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May, 19 2023

Ensuring Food Safety with Disinfection

Effective Disinfection for Plant Production Facilities

Maintaining food safety is a top priority in every food production facility. To ensure that food products are safe and free from harmful bacteria, disinfection is an essential part of the production process. SteraMist is an effective tool for disinfection that can be used on all surfaces at all steps of the process. Its patented ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) technology has been tested and proven to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and spores while being non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and residue-free.

Numerous studies have demonstrated SteraMist’s effectiveness in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and spores in various settings. It can be used for regular disinfection of surfaces, particularly stainless-steel surfaces, which are commonly used in food production facilities. SteraMist can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and spores on stainless steel surfaces without causing damage and corrosion. It is also ideal for disinfecting equipment, tools, and other objects used in the food production process, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses between different stages of the process.

Proven Effective in Food Safety and Cannabis

One of the nation’s largest commercial indoor organic growing companies purchased SteraMist units to disinfect throughout their production process. They use it to spray the product on conveyor belts to combat Botrytis, resulting in noticeable improvements and higher yields since they implemented SteraMist into their facilities, while also maintaining the quality they are looking for in their products.

SteraMist has been embraced by the cannabis community as well, for disinfecting plants during the grow process. According to a recent study conducted with a medical cannabis cultivator, SteraMist was introduced throughout all stages of the growth process to combat Aspergillus and powdery mold issues. As a result, the spores were effectively eradicated without any impact on the potency of THC. SteraMist’s iHP technology has proven to be effective in facilities where plants are being grown, protecting yields and saving time and money for growers.

Prevent Recalls and Protect Public Health

By using SteraMist on a routine basis, food production facilities can ensure that their products are free from harmful bacteria. As a quick-acting disinfectant, SteraMist reduces the risk of cross-contamination between products that encounter each other during processing. “Providing your customers with safety and satisfaction, SteraMist’s cutting-edge technology delivers a proven and safe way to keep your produce clean and reduce product recalls,” states Tripp Williamson of Vertical Crop Consultants. “We can confidently ensure the highest level of effectiveness in safeguarding our food supply.”

SteraMist’s effectiveness, protection, and eco-friendliness make it an ideal tool for maintaining food safety in production facilities, preventing costly recalls, and protecting public health. Stay up to date on the active investigations of multistate foodborne outbreaks here.