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November, 5 2019

Case Study – USC

After water-based mold damage was discovered in the Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center, the facility, following ICRA standards, utilized SteraMist® for emergency final-step remediation clearance after remediating the damaged area using a third party. The affected room in question was critical to hospital operations: the Central Sterile Processing Room. With the mold present in the room, medical equipment sterilization was impossible and the hospital was forced to halt surgeries and various other elective operations.


Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center:
SteraMist® would need to be applied to 5 rooms within the facility, and a focus upon quick treatment turnaround time was stressed.


• 4 Certified SteraMist Technicians.
• 17 gallons of SteraMist® BITTM used.
• 12 hour treatment time, including setup, treatment, breakdown, and aeration.

A crew of four (4) certified SteraMist® Technicians set up the necessary equipment and completed the requested disinfection
using 14 SteraMist® Environment Systems. This enabled them to treat multiple rooms simultaneously and remotely, and equipment breakdown was hassle-free.

Within 12 hours, the facility was treated with SteraMist® iHP™ technology and the results were validated using both biological
and chemical indicators. The residual mold damage was successfully remediated with minimal downtime and facility services have
since resumed.