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September, 24 2021

Case Study – University of Houston

The University of Houston’s Division of Research had ultimately stopped using their decontamination chamber after mounting frustrations with the old control panel. The system hadn’t been working properly and was unreliable in disinfecting animal cages, yet disinfection is an
integral step in the operation of their facility. In researching other methods of decontamination, the University of Houston came across SteraMist by TOMI and contacted us to take on the challenge of redesigning their obsolete system.

Thanks to TOMI’s dedicated and efficiency-minded technicians, we were able to salvage their existing chamber while also making improvements to its iHP decontamination capabilities. TOMI was able to rebuild the motherboard and create a new interface offering better controls and more user-friendly functionality.

TOMI was able to validate the results of the updated system to ensure our customer’s desired efficacy. The University will use their iHP Plasma Decontamination Chamber weekly to disinfect up to 300 rodent cages at once in under two hours. They also have two preset programs which provide versatility in disinfecting other lab equipment as needed. The obtrusive and outdated control panels were replaced with a more streamlined, easy-to-use design which delivers quick, consistent results for maximum efficiency of the University’s operation of decontaminating cages.

“Tomi Did a great job and worked very hard on this project, and I commend the expertise, creativity, and customer service of TOMI’s technology division.”
Charley Sikes, BA RLATG
Assistant Director, University of Houston Division of Research