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September, 8 2020

Case Study – Polling Stations

As 2020 election season began to ramp up within the United States, focus began to turn to safely opening polling stations to welcome those facing the pandemic head on in an effort to make their voice heard. With election dates moving closer, polling areas within Boston and the surrounding areas sought out a disinfection solution in an effort to ensure that physical sites were thoroughly treated for the safety of staff and voters.

With the expected duration of the job expected to be approximately 3-4 days, Trident Environmental Group was contacted to utilize SteraMist disinfection throughout each operational day. Public use areas would be thoroughly decontaminated prior to public use
before opening, as well as immediately before dismantling the stations.

Using a SteraMist Environment System and 20 gallons of BIT Solution over the duration of the polling site operations, Trident Environmental Group was able to utilize the technology, and protect voters from possible surface cross- contamination risks and the spreading of dangerous pathogens.