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September, 12 2019

Case Study – Moore Drug Contamination


In June of 2018, a missing senior citizen transportation van was found in a nearby McDonald’s parking lot. This particular van had been stolen nine days prior during a routine patient delivery to Franciscan Health Cancer Center – one of many services offered to senior citizens free of charge by Johnson County Senior Services, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization. The missing van had helped to transport over 13,400 seniors the previous year, and over the course of those nine days, dispatchers worked overtime and rearranged schedules to accommodate the situation. It was found in an unusable, unsanitary condition, with the interior having been littered with used needles, a spoon, trace amounts of heroin, and evidence that the van had been lived in. The van would require professional restoration before it could be fit for service once more. With the help of SteraMist iHP disinfection and decontamination, this task fell to an Indianapolis-based TOMI Service Network (TSN) provider, Moore Restoration.


Disinfect service van contaminated with drug paraphernalia and biohazardous waste


TSN SteraMist Technician


SteraMist Surface Unit

“This is critical for us. People literally die if they cannot get the life-saving treatments they need…[SteraMist was] a priceless gift. For us, this means more people continue to get their needed
appointments, both medical and non-medical.” Kim Smith
Executive Director of Senior Services

In the parking lot of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Moore Restoration began to treat the 2017 Dodge Caravan with an initial open-air application of SteraMist. Having cleaned out all hazardous materials beforehand, SteraMist was applied to fully decontaminate the vehicle, including floors and upholstery to ensure coverage of the entire vehicle interior.

Using only a single TSN technician and a Surface Unit, SteraMist and Moore Restoration were able to successfully decontaminate and deodorize the service van within the span of only a few hours under the supervision of the Johnson County Senior Services board president, Dr. Ted Murphy. With only the replacement of the locks and keys remaining, the service van is expected to be suitable for service once more.