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June, 16 2020

Case Study – DKI Geisinger Testing Site


To help their communities stay healthy throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Geisinger established evaluation and treatment tents at eight (8) separate locations. In the effort to take that caution a step further, they proceeded to reach out to DKI Services. DKI arranged for Damage Control, Inc to disinfect and decontaminate these tents with SteraMist® technology during the evenings, helping to eliminate possible risks of cross-contamination and other lingering pathogenic threats.


After Damage Control was approached and given the scope of the job, they decided to reach out to a fellow TSN member, Panhandle Restoration, to help further streamline the SteraMist® disinfection treatment process and double their efforts for the sake of the hospital’s operation. The job was to be a recurring one, with the team returning to the tents every other night during the midnight shift to help prepare the tents for the following day.


With one to two on-site technicians present treating numerous tents over the course of an evening shift, Damage Control and Panhandle Restoration continue to validate results and protect their community. In the six weeks of their deployment, the team has used 25 gallons of BIT™ Solution to achieve optimal results.