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February, 3 2021

Case Study – Alaska Veterinary


The Coronavirus pandemic has placed added concern on healthcare facilities worldwide, and veterinary offices are no exception. In response to possible exposure to SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, Alaska Veterinary Clinic reached out to their local TSN™ member, Alaska Disinfectant Services, for help.


The entire office building was to be treated with SteraMist, with rooms including reception areas, operating rooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, and clinical areas – anywhere where a potential risk of cross-contamination could harm staff, visitors, and patients. In total, 3,000 ft2 was to be treated.


With a Surface Unit, less than a gallon of BIT Solution, and a single on-site technician, the team at Alaska Disinfectant Services were able to fully disinfect the facility with SteraMist within an hour to help them successfully reopen.


In addition to a fully-disinfected facility, the veterinary clinic was educated on the technology behind SteraMist, and Alaska Disinfectant Services were able to share the education with their communities. As a result, they were asked to return to clean additional veterinary facilities on a repeating basis.