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February, 15 2021

Case Study – ABC Electronics


When it comes to dangerous pathogens, more than just healthcare facilities and schools are at risk. When a possible infection strikes manufacturing facilities, production must stop, employees must vacate the facility, and the area must be treated immediately. When an employee tested positive for Coronavirus, California-based ABC Assembly, Inc. called in Pacific Sanitizing Services to treat their facility with SteraMist disinfection.


In the effort to reduce disinfection turnaround time, SteraMist disinfection was applied to every facet of the 9,000ft2
facility – including circuitry, surfaces, tools & equipment, shelving, and high-touch areas. In the span of only 3 hours on a Saturday, the facility was completely and thoroughly treated using a Surface Unit, two technicians, and two gallons of BIT™ Solution.


SteraMist disinfection is uniquely equipped to treat sensitive electronics with a high-log kill through the use of non-corrosive, low percentage hydrogen peroxide transformed by cold plasma technology.