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March, 9 2022

A Network To Boost Your Net Worth

TOMI Service Network (TSN) Providing Disinfection Throughout North America

The TOMI Service Network (TSN) is a network of professionals exclusively licensed and trained to use EPA-registered SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology (BIT). As a TSN member, you become an integral part of a nationwide network where you receive access to technical training and support for your SteraMist units, branded marketing materials, potential local referrals in your area, access to various partnerships with other members, and much more. By joining TSN, you will receive top support from the SteraMist team, which includes 24/7 sales support and protocol development for whatever use site you may find yourself in. Therefore, if you are looking to start a disinfection business, or would like to add state-of-the-art disinfection to your current decontamination catalog, consider joining the TOMI Service Network.

Opportunities are endless

In an era where higher levels of cleaning are recommended for many facilities, it is important to elevate your business to the next level and expand into feasible job sites to secure new opportunities. TSN offers businesses an opportunity to expand and further assist in the disinfection world with direct support from TOMI corporate to ensure success with SteraMist technology.

SteraMist disinfection with a network to bring you success

SteraMist products will replace many items in your toolbox, and you will achieve better results, with a smaller carbon footprint using our environmentally friendly SteraMist products for your companies flood and mold remediation, facility and area decontamination, fire and soot deodorization, equipment disinfection, crime scene clean-up, the disinfection of retirement homes and offices, various transportation vehicles, education establishments, janitorial duties, and much more. Because of SteraMist’s 6-log kill efficacy, enhanced material compatibility, ease-of-use, and adaptability, products can be easily integrated into new and current disinfection businesses and provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to various contracts. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your arsenal, learn even more about disinfection, enhance your marketing capability, communicate or partner with other businesses, and join a disinfection support network, consider TSN.

See what our TOMI Service Network members are saying

“[We utilize] SteraMist technology as part of our marketed top-tier disinfection offering… SteraMist aligns with the high standards of Health Canada disinfectant recommendations, eradicating pathogens without leaving toxic fumes behind. No wiping or rinsing means no cross contamination, less costs in manpower, and reduced risk.” TSN Member in Canada

“SteraMist disinfection technology has brought unanticipated revenue during the pandemic, finding frequent income sources even during area business closures. Equipped with both the Environment System, Surface Unit, and SteraPak, we can effectively decontaminate all areas to provide disinfection to customers refusing to compromise on disinfection efficacy. SteraMist has helped us to find successful niches to ensure that our small business remains profitable.” TSN Member in California, United States

“SteraMist has been helping drive our business for years, and that has only increased during this unprecedented time. We have been able to expand our services in markets, both old and new. From manufacturing to government agencies, large health care facilities, and senior living communities, SteraMist continues to help us provide safe living and working environments for people across the country.” TSN Member in Oklahoma, United States