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Powered by state of the art, patented ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology that redefines disinfection & decontamination for the world. EPA Registered as a Hospital-Healthcare Disinfectant. Validated using Geobacillus stearothermophilus strips and discs for a consistent 99.9999% 6-log and greater reduction for a sterile environment.

EPA #90150 | Health Canada DIN #02469448 | EN 17272

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Leading the way

Through innovative technology

Our scientific expertise, data-driven innovation, and dedication to creating a safer world through cutting-edge technology allows SteraMist to serve customers in a variety of industries with a trusted product for a superior application for decontamination – combating infectious diseases, chemical and biological warfare.


iHP technology

SteraMist’s patented iHP technology utilizes cold plasma and a low percentage hydrogen peroxide proprietary blend solution to kill on contact for a quick disinfection & decontamination of targeted areas, objects, and large full room spaces.

The cold plasma arc produces electric energy breaking down hydrogen peroxide bonds into a powerful natural killing agent that disperses as a mist resulting in full coverage disinfection.

SteraMist iHP technology was originally invented and funded by DARPA as a direct response to weaponized anthrax attacks.

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4X faster than comparable competition

Registered with the EPA, all 50 States, and around the world

6-Log or higher kill efficiency

Submicron particle size for full coverage

No rinsing or wiping, and no residues left behind

Ready-to-use non-corrosive application

Reveal The Technology

Patented iHP Technolgoy


Discover the SteraMist line of products that produce this innovative iHP technology.

Cordless Portability!

The SteraPak

Designed to go anywhere you go, SteraPak is cordless and compact while using a rechargeable battery and a compact solution bottle.

Precision Control!

The Surface Unit

The Surface Unit brings you handheld control with mobility around treated areas, accessory storage, and direct power functionality.

Whole Room Treatment!

The Environment System

The Environment System delivers full-room decontamination with unparalleled speed and scalability with cGMP accepted data exporting, multi-app use, and automated or manual modes.

Tailored to Your Facility!

Custom Engineered System

Designed and programmed specifically for your facility. Seamlessly integrates with building management systems.

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iHP Technology

Corporate Service

Whether routinely decontaminating your facility or addressing emergency decontamination needs, the iHP Corporate Service team can be called upon to deliver a six-log reduction and ensure minimal downtime with unparalleled compatibility.

With a faster decontamination and validation process than any other competing technology, the power of SteraMist can return facility operations back to normal with the peace of mind that comes with exceptional results.

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Explore Our Industries.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

An easily implemented disinfection solution to the complicated and changing landscape of infection control in healthcare.

Healthcare Services Disinfection



Optimize your lab spaces and foster critical research with decontamination technology that gives you precision control and an emergency response measure.

Life Sciences Sterilization



Designed to address the need for better disinfection protocols and respond to stricter regulatory standards throughout the entire food production process using cold plasma technology.

Food Safety Sanitation

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Introduce powerful and trusted SteraMist disinfection to a wide array of industries, from land, sea, and air transportation, to neighborhood schools, restaurants, and retail shops.

Commercial Services Biorestoration
Explore The

TOMI Service Network

The TOMI Service Network (TSN) is a network of professionals exclusively licensed and trained to use EPA-registered SteraMist technology and products throughout the U.S. and Canada.


SteraMist from start to finish, taking it out of the closet to completing the room, it only takes 10 minutes to disinfect an entire room while still having the highest rating for reducing bloodstream infections.

Saint Francis Hospital, Trinity Health

I’ve been working with SteraMist for many years, testing and utilizing the technology at UTMB’s high biological containment laboratories. We’ve seen great success under the most stringent conditions, and we continue to use SteraMist.

University of Texas Medical Branch

Since implementing SteraMist and other food safety measures, Ziegenfelder has realized the lowest presumptive listeria rates in the history of the company.

Ziegenfelder Co.

The SteraMist product did not leave behind any post-application residue, nor any odor complaints. We expanded the scope of treatments for a second application.

Ballston Spa School District

Because [SteraMist] only requires seconds to kill bacteria spores…we can place a room back into service faster, knowing it’s safe for the next patient.

Bayhealth EVS Team

Equipped with both the Environment System and the Surface Unit, we can effectively decontaminate all areas to provide disinfection to customers refusing to compromise on disinfection efficacy. SteraMist has helped us to find successful niches to ensure that our small business remains profitable.

South Coast Water Damage

The most important consideration we have is the safety of our citizen and out employees….after looking into all the various options, we determined that for the City of Chester the SteraMist Surface Unit is the best of the best.

Chester Fire Department
Featured Case Study

St. Francis Hospital

Over the years, Saint Francis has been one of the top hospitals in keeping their Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) rates down. With the use of SteraMist disinfection throughout their hospital, Saint Francis is able to keep C. difficle, MRSA, and central line-associated bloodstream infections at a minimum. They have incorporated SteraMist into their disinfection protocol because of its unique ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on surfaces and in the air.

10 Mins To Disinfect An Entire Room