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Looking to integrate high-log decontamination that lets you comply with GMP, cGMP, GLP, and ISO standards without damaging your equipment or complicating protocols? Seamlessly incorporate SteraMist iHP decontamination technology into your enclosures, ensuring compliance with strict regulations and delivering consistent six-log results. Integrate into isolators, chambers, passthroughs, material transfer, aseptic and fill-finish manufacturing, and more. Designed to provide reliable decontamination to any lab space and budget, the SIS can be integrated into the equipment that modern lab spaces require, including high-quality cleanrooms, high containment areas, and custom material decontamination products. Explore various options tailored to your requirements and budget, all while ensuring the same advantages of low hydrogen peroxide, iHP decontamination technology.

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NEW SteraMist Intergrated System (SIS)


SteraMist Integrated System Product Overview Below ⬇

SteraMist Integrated System FEATURES

Decontamination innovation meets premium convenience, consistency, and reliability. Decontamination innovation meets premium convenience, consistency, and reliability. Trusted in global laboratories with a long history of verified and repeatable results, SteraMist is dedicated to delivering proven broad-spectrum reductions to optimize contamination controls. No matter your equipment, three SIS integration options (Standalone, Pharma, & Manufacturing) give you full freedom to implement superior iHP decontamination into every critical point of upstream/downstream processes.

Easily integrate into enclosure

Comply with cGMP, GMP, ISO standards

Decontaminate any size enclosure

7.8% hydrogen peroxide SteraMist iHP technology

Superior material compatibility

Multiple options available tailored to your needs

SteraMist Integrated System Options

SIS Pharma

Crafted to adhere to rigorous standards, such as cGMP, GMP, and ISO. Composed of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, equipped with advanced reporting capabilities, and thoroughly validated. Completely integrate SteraMist into an enclosure for centralized disinfection, mounting the control panel and applicator directly onto your equipment.

SIS Standalone

Economical SIS system featuring integrated iHP technology. Housed in a portable case, it effortlessly connects to the iHP applicator for fully validated performance. A portable system, able to move iHP decon to any enclosure with a mounted SteraMist applicator for full flexibility. Can be stored to ensure minimal intrusion into lab space.

SIS Manufacturing

Integrate directly into your manufacturing design. We ship the unassembled system to a preferred OEM to mount and completely integrate the iHP control panel and applicator components into a chosen enclosure.