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April, 29 2021

“How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine” By The New York Times

Check out videos of SteraMist disinfection and decontamination in the latest article: “How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine.” SteraMist Custom Engineered System (CES) is showcased in the header video as well as “Filter the DNA” in Pfizer’s cleanroom. Read the article HERE.

SteraMist disinfection and decontamination is currently used throughout multiple Pfizer facilities throughout the country. The Pfizer facility located in Chesterfield, Missouri, referenced in this New York Times article, implemented their permanently mounted twenty (20) SteraMist applicator decontamination system, CES, at the beginning of 2019 to decontaminate their facility. SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology disinfects and decontaminates four (4) cleanrooms at this facility. Read more about SteraMist in the Pfizer Chesterfield, Missouri location HERE.

Decontamination is the foundation to preparing a cleanroom for manufacturing and testing vaccines. “How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine” article written by the New York Times, goes through the various steps it takes to produce the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech. Pfizer is one of the pharmaceutical companies currently producing millions of doses of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology was chosen as their disinfection and decontamination solution due to the technology’s game-changing advantages.  Sub-microns, faster turnaround time, non-corrosiveness, and superior material compatibility, and all with a six-log or higher efficacy. TOMI works closely with many Pfizer facilities, some use our SteraMist Surface Unit and SteraMist Environment System while others schedule routine and emergency iHP Corporate Service treatments.

The need for superior disinfection and decontamination is essential for pharmaceutical companies alike. TOMI’s new developments such as the SteraBox, SteraMist chamber, and passthrough, have been a successful addition to quickly decontaminating small instruments.

TOMI is pleased to call Pfizer one of many premier life sciences pharmaceutical clients. SteraMist is continuing the fight against the coronavirus pandemic alongside our clients within many industries. TOMI is prepared and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice around the world with SteraMist disinfection and decontamination.