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December, 10 2021

Electrostatic Sprayers Verses SteraMist

What are the differences between Electrostatic Sprayers and SteraMist Systems?
SteraMist Efficacy

The first EPA-registered Equipment and Solution for Healthcare-Hospital Disinfecting (EPA Reg. No. 90150-2). Also, EPA Listed for List K: C. difficile, List G: Norovirus, List M: Influenza A, List L: Ebola, and List N: SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. Independent lab and efficacy data demonstrate a 6-log and greater kill of many bacteria, bacteria spores, fungus spores, and viruses.

Electrostatic Sprayer Efficacy

Adversely, efficacy claims of many companies are based solely on the disinfectant EPA label – not when applied with an electrostatic sprayer. Application results in treated surfaces receiving uneven amounts of active ingredient per unit area as tested by the EPA using the standard application. As a result, reduced levels of efficacy than those claimed on the label may occur.

SteraMist Contact Time

Delivers sizes ranging from submicron’s to 3 microns. This produces a rapid kill and does NOT require a wet contact time. Spray for only 5 seconds with a contact time that is defined as “a minimum contact time of 7 minutes for the surface to dissipate.” That is the time needed to remove the equipment from the room.

Electrostatic Sprayer Contact Time

To achieve efficacy, the surface must be visibly wet for the longest contact time indicated on the product label. The labels on EPA-registered disinfectants include various contact times, depending on the types of microorganisms.

SteraMist Application

Apply at a maximum distance of 20-24 inches for a minimum of 5 seconds over contiguous 1ft2 treatment areas. Due to the particle sizes ranging from submicron’s to 3 microns, ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) fog spreads like gas and reaches surfaces that regular disinfectants cannot reach.

Electrostatic Sprayer Application

An electrostatic sprayer using 10% bleach with a 5-minute wet contact time found that 30 seconds were required for the electrostatic sprayer to maintain a wet contact time of 5 minutes on a 14”x14” test surface (plastic and rubber). Electrostatic sprayer produces a particle size >40 microns. This size may affect the efficacy of the disinfectant negatively by delivering less quantity of disinfectant to a surface.

Selecting The Right Disinfectant
  • The method by which bacteria, viruses, and spores are killed is a major factor in selecting the right disinfectant product.
  • Disinfectants should be validated for use with a specific electrostatic sprayer to ensure using this spray delivery method maintains the proper activity level to the surface.
  • Companies selling an electrostatic sprayer and a disinfectant do not state:
    • Amount of time needed to spray a specific area to ensure the surface remains wet for the full contact time.
    • PPM of active ingredient sprayed on a surface meets efficacy claims on the label.
    • Most companies using EPA disinfectants in electrostatic sprayers are violating EPA standards and are subject to enforcement.
SteraMist Advantages
  • EPA Registered
  • 99.9999% 6-LOG EFFICACY