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April, 30 2021

Case Study – MorseLife Senior Center

During the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic, MorseLife Health System,
a 5-star, award-winning senior care community in West Palm Beach, Florida, purchased
a SteraMist Surface Unit to disinfect their campus and prevent SARS-CoV-2 and other
existing and emerging pathogenic threats. The fully trained maintenance and housekeeping
team used SteraMist technology within their daily protocols.


Day Cleaning:
Treatment includes using SteraMist in the reception areas, elevators,
stairwells, hallways, lounge, dining and workrooms, nurse stations, and rehab gyms.
Electronics such as desktop computer monitors and keyboards shared by Nurses and
Certified Nursing Assistants are also disinfected.

Nightly Cleaning: During the night, the shuttle buses are disinfected, and common areas
are treated for a second time.

Positive COVID-19 Areas: We use SteraMist on the compromised area after moving the
resident and treating the residents’ belongings immediately afterwards.

“Since implementing SteraMist, MorseLife’s number of COVID, C. diff and general flu cases have been lowered. The Infection Prevention team at MorseLife will soon view the overall case numbers for the entire year against previous years’. MorseLife anticipates significant findings in these yearly comparisons. SteraMist has provided all of the healthcare employees, patients, and family members with confidence and peace of mind with deeply disinfected environments.”

  • Stephen Shell, Risk Manager, MorseLife Health System