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September, 12 2019

Case Study – Ideal Hotels


At the beginning of the busiest month for California tourism, a high-end San Francisco hotel found
itself in dire need of smoke deodorization for a handful of rooms. Urgency increased when more rooms
were discovered to be overpowered with the smell of cigarettes and another nearby hotel required the
deodorization of around 100 rooms in less than a single week. To address such a wide scope of work within a
strict deadline, Ideal Restoration – another local restoration service – was called. Using the resources provided
by the TOMI Service Network (TSN™), Ideal worked alongside fellow TSN™ member American Craftsman
Restoration and utilized SteraMist® ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) technology to meet the demand.


• Eight hotel rooms treated initially, with seven more added that same day.
• The second hotel requested treatment for 100 rooms.


• 1 day of treatment for the first hotel.
• 5 days for the second hotel, with 20 rooms treated each day.


60 Gallons of SteraMist® BIT™


The first hotel proved to be no challenge despite the sudden addition of over a half dozen rooms, as treatment of the 15 rooms spanned from 8AM to 4PM. Having successfully deodorized each room, the second hotel required strategy and cooperation in
the face of overbooking.

In an effort to complete the job in the 5-day deadline given to Ideal Restoration, the hotel was asked to rank each of the 100 rooms on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of severity of smell. Once each room was assessed, Ideal began to treat every room with a 4 and 5 rating. These rooms took approximately 8 hours.

The following day, a team of half a dozen professionals began to treat the remaining rooms with 2 SteraMist® Environment Systems.

This work progressed later into the month and the service request was completed within the allotted time frame.


Both hotels indicated that the scope of this job was rare, and both expressed how satisfied and impressed they were that Ideal Restoration was able to deliver unmitigated quality deodorization
and disinfection with the help of SteraMist® on a request. This case showcases the versatility and efficacy of SteraMist® BIT™ technology, Ideal Restoration, and the TSN™ network.